Yutong Bai (白雨桐)

I am Yutong Bai, a 4th-year CS Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins University advised by Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Alan Yuille.

I am currently a visiting Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley (BAIR), advised by Prof. Alexei (Alyosha) Efros.

Previously I used to intern at Meta AI (FAIR Labs) and Google Brain.

I've been selected as 2023 Apple Scholar and 2023 EECS Rising Star.

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  • I am looking for self-motivated graduate/undergraduate students to collaborate. Please email me if you are interested.
  • Currently on the job market!

My research aim to build up the AI system with less supervision and strong robustness, hopefully bring AI closer to human-level intelligence. With this goal, I have explored topics, including representation learning, self-supervised learning, image generation and scalable multi-modality learning. Representative papers are highlighted.

Sequential Modeling Enables Scalable Learning for Large Vision Models
Yutong Bai*, Xinyang Geng*, Karttikeya Mangalam, Amir Bar, Alan Yuille, Trevor Darrell, Jitendra Malik, Alexei A. Efros

Masked Autoencoders Enable Efficient Knowledge Distillers
Yutong Bai, Zeyu Wang, Junfei Xiao, Chen Wei, Huiyu Wang, Alan Yuille, Yuyin Zhou, Cihang Xie
CVPR, 2023

paper  /  code

Point-Level Region Contrast for Object Detection Pre-Training
Yutong Bai, Xinlei Chen, Alexander Kirillov, Alan Yuille, Alexander C. Berg
CVPR, 2022   (Oral Presentation, Best Paper Finalist - Top 0.4%)

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Can CNNs Be More Robust Than Transformers?
Zeyu Wang, Yutong Bai, Yuyin Zhou, Cihang Xie
ICLR, 2023

paper  /  code

Fast AdvProp
Jieru Mei, Yucheng Han, Yutong Bai, Yixiao Zhang, Yingwei Li, Xianhang Li, Alan Yuille, Cihang Xie
ICLR, 2022

TransFG: A Transformer Architecture for Fine-grained Recognition
Ju He, Jie-Neng Chen, Shuai Liu, Adam Kortylewski, Cheng Yang, Yutong Bai, Changhu Wang
AAAI, 2022

paper  /  code

Are Transformers More Robust than CNNs?
Yutong Bai, Jieru Mei, Alan L Yuille, Cihang Xie
NeurIPS, 2021

paper  /  code

Glance-and-Gaze Vision Transformer
Qihang Yu, Yingda Xia, Yutong Bai, Yongyi Lu, Alan L Yuille, Wei Shen
NeurIPS, 2021

Mask Guided Matting via Progressive Refinement Network
Qihang Yu, Jianming Zhang, He Zhang, Yilin Wang, Zhe Lin, Ning Xu, Yutong Bai, Alan Yuille
CVPR, 2021

Can Temporal Information Help with Contrastive Self-Supervised Learning?
Yutong Bai Haoqi Fan, Ishan Misra, Ganesh Venkatesh, Yongyi Lu, Yuyin Zhou, Qihang Yu Vikas Chandra, Alan Yuille
Tech report, arXiv

C2FNAS: Coarse-to-Fine Neural Architecture Search for 3D Medical Image Segmentation
Qihang Yu, Dong Yang, Holger Roth, Yutong Bai, Yixiao Zhang, Alan Yuille, Daguang Xu
CVPR, 2020

Semantic Part Detection via Matching: Learning to Generalize to Novel Viewpoints from Limited Training Data
Yutong Bai, Qing Liu, Lingxi Xie, Weichao Qiu, Yan Zheng, Alan Yuille
ICCV, 2019

paper  /  code

Clevr-ref+: Diagnosing Visual Reasoning with Referring Expressions
Runtao Liu, Chenxi Liu, Yutong Bai, Alan L Yuille
CVPR, 2019

CoKe: Contrastive Learning for Robust Keypoint Detection
Yutong Bai, Angtian Wang, Adam Kortylewski, Alan Yuille
WACV, 2023

Delving Into Masked Autoencoders for Multi-Label Thorax Disease Classification
Junfei Xiao, Yutong Bai, Alan Yuille, Zongwei Zhou
WACV, 2023

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Stolen from Jon Barron. Big thanks!